I would like to help you answer a few questions you might have about my work, energy, the chakras, etc…

What is energy and how does it work?

The universe and everything around us are made of energy, of elementary particles which make up the atoms. They are in constant movement. We call this movement or oscillation vibration.
Everything is energy
. The chair we sit on, the walls of houses that seem so strong, ourselves (in fact we have several energy bodies…). With the discoveries of quantum physics and molecular biology, it has been shown that everything is energy and that everything is related. Even our thoughts and emotions are energy and depending on their kind and they will have one type of vibration or another. Negative thoughts and emotions (hate, jealousy, anger, etc…) are low vibration energies. Positive thoughts and emotions (love, happiness, gratitude, etc…) are high-vibration energies.
Love is the energy with the highest frequency of vibration that exists. Even Albert Einstein said:
“The most powerful force in the universe is love”.
When we speak of universal energy we refer to the high vibration energy present everywhere and accessible to all. Because everything and everyone is connected and everything is in a constant movement, many alternative therapies can be performed by distance, which means the consultant and the therapist do not have to be in the same room, they even don’t have to be in the same country! In my experience, distance therapy has the same results as in-person therapy.

Energy is something magical and I treat it with deep respect, love, and gratitude.

What are Chakras and what do they do?

Chakra is a Sanskrit word that means wheel or vortex and refers to the seven energy centers that compose our consciousness and our nervous system. The chakras work like pumps and regulate the flowof energy through our energy system. The chakras are not physical, they are aspects of our consciousness, like the auras. All your senses, all your perceptions, all your possible states of consciousness, anything you can experience, can be divided into seven categories. Each category can be associated with a specific chakra. Thus, the chakras not only represent specific parts of your physical body, but also specific areas of your consciousness.

More info (click on “more info” to download a pdf with more detailed information about the chakras)

How do our thoughts and emotions affect us?

The secret of good health and happiness is not on the outside of our life, it’s on our inside. Our thoughts are the creators and transmuters of everything imaginable. As Henry Ford said… “Whatever you think you can, or you think you can ́t – you ́re right”.
Positive thinking is essential for a healthy life. This, however, does not mean to never get angry, nor have “bad days”, or being sad… No! It means, overcoming these situations easier and with more knowledge. We must learn from these situations and put an end to possible negative thoughts. Our thoughts and emotions must be stable, balanced, and in order. As long as that is not the case, our ego will rule our mind and with this ruler in our life, we will not have good health, we will not be able to reason, think or love. Our body responds to the way we think, feel and act (mind-body connection). Therefore many pathological symptoms may be evidence that our emotional health is unbalanced.
Here I give a typical example: when I experience a stress or anxiety situation, my stomach starts hurting intermediately. During a time of my life, I had severe stomach pains daily, to such extent that I went to hospital several times to carry out different tests (I was scared, thinking of the worst, which of course caused even more anxiety… that’s how our mind works). All the test results came back clear. The doctors couldn’t find a thing and there was no medical explanation or solution for my pain. A few weeks later, a family issue – which caused me anxiety over a few months – got resolved, and at that very moment, my stomach pain disappeared completely! I was amazed and that’s when I understood (from my own experience)
the incredible connection between emotions and our physical body. Life- changing experiences…

Is everything connected?

Answer: Yes! Everything is connected.
Everything we do, not only affects us, it actually
affects the whole world. It sounds incredible, but every action we take, affects EVERYTHING. Everything we do has an affect on now (on oneself and on other living beings), and it will continue for millions of years…
We form an universal system that flows endlessly. In fact, that’s why its called the
universe, because together we form a unit.

What is our comfort zone and why is it so important to break out of it?

In other words…. “the same routine every day”.

It is that physical, mental, and environmental space, where we can live without experiencing any type of risk. Where we feel safe and comfortable because there is no change.
That at first may seem good and very safe, but it is not.
It represses our internal anguishes, it does not allow us to advance and it does not contribute to our personal growth. It can even destroy our dreams and ambitions… and that is exactly why it is so important to break out of our comfort zone, our daily routine, and even change the “labels” that have been put on us (and the ones we put on ourselves) throughout our lives.

Breaking out of our comfort zone helps us to get to know ourselves, to know who we are and what it is we want in our life. To look at us with a “new pair of eyes” and find out what we are really capable of. Life does not just have one color… it has many!! And we are here to see them all.

Breaking out of our comfort zone is without a doubt a very difficult step and it takes courage, but once this step is done, new paths are opened, that ensure personal growth and an expansion of our world in every way.

To feel control over our lives, to feel control over our decisions, over our happiness, our health and our destiny… is priceless.

What is the main aspect of my therapies?

In my therapies I consider every being as a unit of body, mind, and spirit.
I treat my consultants as a whole to identify the causes that triggered their illness or health disorder since in many cases, these are due to emotional and mental factors, rather than physical.Often, having someone with whom you can share certain emotions or experiences helps the healing process.

For me, it is essential that the consultants feel comfortable with me.

Each treatment is unique and carried out with the deepest respect for the consultant and the work being done.

There is nothing purer than love. Every single of my treatments counts with my unconditional love for you.

Who can benefit from my treatments?

My therapies are suitable for all those who wish to advance in this life…including our beloved children…

… and of course as well our very much loved pets… who are also part of our families.

My wish: to restore balance and harmony on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level, in those who decide to share their path towards happiness with me.

Very important… I am not a doctor!

Holistic therapies are mostly used as an alternative or complement that can be of great help in many situations. It is important to say that it is NOT a substitute for any medical treatment.

I am an en Energy Therapist, not a doctor.

What are the risks?

There is no risk in the application of my therapies, but you could experience a healing crisis.

What is a healing crisis and what can you do to feel better during that time being?

A healing crisis happens because the body goes into general detoxification, manifesting a small imbalance in the body. This process is activated in our being, through which our physical body lets go of all the “leftovers” from our mental-emotional body, releasing harmful emotions or thought patterns. The body is adapting to the new frequency.

The crisis can last from one to four days, then the body is restored and improvement can be felt; the body will find its balance. 

The symptoms vary in each person some people won ́t notice anything, which does not mean the therapy didn’t work! Or on the contrary, if we notice symptoms that have not been there before, does not mean the therapy wasn’t good for us, and not only hasn’t benefited us but also caused disorders in our person… Simply, each person is unique and different and reacts individually. 

The mental-emotional symptoms can be anger, sadness, fear, hatred, anxiety,.. .
physical symptoms can be increased sweating, nausea, diarrhea, rashes, cold or flu symptoms, migraines or headaches, old injuries or illnesses that seemed to be cured, temporary of current pathologies,…  

It is important to bear in mind that a holistic treatment affects body, mind, and spirit in unison. 

TIPS: maintain an attitude of gratitude and abundance throughout the process. This will allow you to flow with life naturally and extraordinarily. You can help yourself actively, practicing meditations, relax and rest as long as you can, breathe consciously, drink LOTS of WATER (and herbal teas), and eat fruits, vegetables, and seeds.

 REMEMBER: The healing crisis is the announcement that something better is yet to come. By being aware of your symptoms and the changes that are taking place, you will be able to notice how your life changes completely.

How many therapies are necessary?

The number of therapies required will be evaluated by the therapist since each person is unique, has unique experiences, different energetic characteristics from any other, and different goals they wish to achieve.
It is NOT possible to confirm in advance how many sessions will be necessary.

How do the sessions work?

All my sessions are carried out mainly by distance, although I also offer face-to-face sessions. (Note: Face-to-Face sessions are only available in Benalmádena, Málaga, Spain)

Distance sessions are as effective as face-to-face sessions, with the following great advantage:

You can receive your session from any country in the comfort of your home. I will access your energy field and stage it in my workplace while you are at home relaxing and receiving the session.

Each therapy and session is unique, just as each person has unique experiences, unique energetic characteristics (different from any other!) and different goals to achieve. 

Taking this into account, you must know that in advance I can not confirm how many sessions will be necessary, nor how long it will take to achieve the desired objective, but I will give you a  Kick-Start to begin your path towards true healing and to activate your self-healing powers … a process that takes time and will mark its rhythm. 

All my sessions are focused on a holistic well-being (unity of body, mind and spirit) and will always produce changes in your life that will be for your good.

Procedure for a distance session:
  • You can contact me by Whatsapp, email or telephone
  • We will talk by phone so I can introduce myself and so you can explain to me briefly what it is you wish to work/change in your life
  • We set a time and day for the session
  • We will talk by phone, Skype or WhatsappCall at the beginning of the session. During the session I will need you to have the possibility to be by yourself and in a relaxed ambient,
  • After the session we will talk again by phone to comment on your session and to give advise on how to help you with your healing.

Important information for the EmotionsReleaseTherapy and HeartWall Release Therapy:

To carry out these Therapies, two options are available:

• You release the trapped emotion yourself, according to my instructions. We will hear and see each other during the session via Whatsapp Videocall or Skype. This way you can “actively” participate in your healing session. You will need a magnet (any magnet will work, even a simple fridge magnet which you probably already have at home) and a bottle of water. (RECOMMENDED OPTION)

• I can release the trapped emotion for you, if you don’t have a magnet (I also use this option with kids and animals)

Both options are equally effective, but I do recommend the first option, especially when releasing a HeartWall.

Questions and Answers about the Trapped Emotions Release, Heart Wall Release & the Hebrew Pendulum

How does the trapped emotions and heart wall release work?

I connect with your soul & subconscious.

My metal pendulum is my dowsing instrument and will indicate us which emotions need releasing. In many of them we will be able to know exact details of its origin (for example, the age at which the emotion got trapped, the situation it was caused by, if it is your own emotion or of another person or it could even be an inherited emotion).
Your subconscious knows exactly
what emotion you have to release for your well being (in fact, your subconscious knows everything!). In many occasions, during or after the session, those situations which caused the trapped emotions will come to your mind, even the ones you thought were forgotten. Our subconscious does not forget anything. Nothing. Everything is filed, we simply have to access the “folder”.
Your body is like a truth machine. You can connect through it with your subconscious, ask and get “its” truth as an answer.
Once the trapped emotion is detected,
you have become aware of it. At this moment the emotion can be released, moving a magnet over the Governing Vessel Meridian (*). The magnet will be able to “get” the trapped emotion out of your body.

(*) The meridians are a network of pathways that are in our body and connect all our organs, tissues and cells. There are a total of 12 main meridians which are symmetrically distributed throughout the body and all connected to the Governing Vessel Meridian, which begins in the center of the upper lip of the mouth, runs upwards above the head and down through the center of the spine, ending at the rump.

VERY IMPORTANT : Magnets generally are considered to be quiet safe, but in some occasions they should not be used, or only with a doctors approval. This includes pregnancy, use of implants for pain, insulin pumps, cochlear implants and pacemakers.

What is the Hebrew Pendulum?

The Hebrew pendulum is the pendulum of healing and works through the vibration of the Hebrew letters. It is used as a holistic unlocking, harmonizing and healing technique.
The Hebrew and Egyptian pendulums are the oldest known pendulums. The Templars already used them and transmitted this knowledge only to those belonging to their community, since they were secret techniques that in ancient times were not transmitted in any other way. 
The pendulum is a
cylinder of beech or oak wood, of specific measures, grooved on one side and smooth on the other, crossed by a cord to be able to orient it as necessary.
My pendulum is made of
oak, since it has a higher vibration and in line with what we are going to work on. The Hebrew pendulum is bipolar, since it is used for two contrary activities, one to diagnose, as to if it were a dowsing device, and another is used to irradiate, emit waves (vibrations) to perform the therapy. It is used by placing one of the many labels with a Hebrew word, held by an elastic band, with the grooved part towards the consultant to test and make an energetic diagnosis, and with the smooth part towards the consultant to irradiate and carry out the therapy.

Why the Hebrew language?

The Hebrew alphabet is an ideographic or solar alphabet, which means it transmits the idea of what the Hebrew letters express. The Hebrew language is an authentic language, so its writing characters are creative, in other words, they create what they express. Each Hebrew letter materializes a specific vibration and the resulting words transmit that vibration to us, causing a change in resonance, tuning at subtle levels, reaching our DNA.

What can we archive with the Hebrew Pendulum?

•   heal our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies

•   open, cleanse and balance our chakras

•   clean our aura and closes/repairs all the holes in our energy field

•   clean our impurities collected on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level

•   boost our personal growth

•   unlock any blockade we have at any level

•   increase the flow of energy and the will to live

•   help to find the purpose of life

•   overcome fears and increase self-confidence

•   eliminate stress, anxiety, phobias, and any other low vibration feelings

•   increase high vibration feelings such as love, appreciation, happiness, inner peace and much more

•   karmic healing

•   dissolve spells and magic

•   discard dense energies

•   cut unconscious pacts and bonds

•   healing of your living and working space and much more…