Are you ready to transform your life and live your true potential?

My name is
Sharon Amba
and I will help you reach a state of INNER PEACE, accompanying you on your path towards true healing, THE HEALING OF YOUR SOUL .

My therapies will raise your vibrations and energy level, freeing you from everything that prevents you from moving forward, so YOU can start creating the life you wish for.

Each Healing Session is unique, just as you are unique, and carried out in combination of different Energy and Holistic Healing techniques, achieving:

  • Soul Healing and with it, healing of your physical-, emotional-, mental- and spiritual body
  • Finding your inner peace and happiness
  • Increasing your self-confidence and promoting your personal growth to achieve your goals
  • Connecting with yourself, with your essence, your soul
  • Finding your life purpose and goals
  • Overcoming fears and eliminating blockages
  • Eliminating stress, anxiety, sadness, phobias or other feelings or emotions that prevent you from moving forward
  • Increasing feelings that help you moving forward, such as Love, Gratitude, Abundance, Confidence, Energy, etc.
  • Increasing your ability to think Outside the Box and the gift of being able to see the world with different eyes, expanding your and the worlds consciousness

What will your InTouch Healing Session be like?

You will be able to receive your session from any country in the world, in the comfort of your home

All my sessions are carried out mainly by distance, although I also offer face-to-face sessions (only available in Benalmádena, Málaga, Spain).

Distance sessions are absolutely as effective as face-to-face sessions, with the great advantage of receiving them in the comfort of your home.

Each session is unique, because YOU are unique

Each therapy and session is unique, just as each person (or animal) has unique experiences, unique energetic characteristics (different from any other!) and different goals to achieve.

Taking this into account, you must know that in advance I can not confirm how many sessions will be necessary, nor how long it will take to achieve the desired goal. 

Your path towards true Healing

I will give you a Kick-Start to begin your path towards true Healing, to activate your self-healing powers and to raise your self-esteem… a process that takes time and will mark its rhythm .

You will achieve a Holistic Well-being

All my sessions are focused on a Holistic Well-being (unity of body, mind and spirit) and will always produce changes in your life that will be for your good.

What is included in your InTouch Healing session?

First of all we set a day and time for your sesion. I will also give you instructions and tips on how to enjoy best this precious time for yourself and your soul. .

Your InTouch Healing session will be selected by YOUR SOUL

In each session it will be YOUR SOUL who will show me what is best for YOU at this precise moment in your life and what will help you the most, so you can move forward and transform your life.

Your Soul knows your life purposes and therefore is without any doubt the best master in showing me how to be able to help you .

During the session I will receive a lot of information from your Soul, which of course I will share with you at the end of your session.

Telephone conversation before and after the Healing session

We will have a telephone conversation before and after the Healing session. If you prefer, I can also send you a Voice Message after the session, so you can listen to it calmly and as many times as you need.

You will also have emotional support via Whatsapp (you can write me at any time, should you have any questions).

Mini-Follow up session & Consultation

A few days after your session, I will connect again with your energetic field to check your energy flow and to convey possible messages from your soul.

The obtained information will be sent to you by Voice Message.

My recommendation

If this is your first session with me, I recommend opting for the   InTouch Energetic Cleansing & Liberation therapy.

This is a unique therapy in which a deep cleaning, at all levels, is achieved and of course is an essential Healing session to start (or continue) your path towards true Healing… whatever this may mean for you.

I will carry out a deep evaluation of your energy field and will clean and liberate everything you are willing to release.

Holistic Healing Therapies for people & animals of all ages

These are some of the Therapies I have prepared for you, click HERE to see all Therapies

InTouch Messages from your Soul ∼ Reconnect with your Roots

… reconnect with your true self and heal the roots of your deepest wounds and pain.

InTouch Trapped Emotions & Heart Wall Release

… dissolve the wall that holds your heart as a prisoner!

InTouch Voice Therapies

… voice audios, charged with healing energies.

InTouch Energetic Cleansing & Liberation

… detach yourself from everything that prevents you from moving forward!

InTouch Chakra Balancing & Harmonization

… find your balance!

InTouch Find your Inner Light

… a healing session filled with light & love for our little ones.

Would you like to give a very special gift to a loved one?

You only have to let me know what message you would like to put on the voucher and the chosen therapy. Once the payment is made, you will receive the gift card via email or whatsapp (whichever suits you best) and you are ready to surprise your loved one.

Some testimonials of InTouch Sanación

Para mí, ha sido una experiencia maravillosa, desde el principio hasta el final. Desde el primer momento, Sharon te hace sentir cómoda y con confianza. Es una gran profesional, que se preocupa por cada uno de sus pacientes y se informa de cada uno de los casos individualmente para poder aplicar un tratamiento personalizado y que continúa formándose para poder ofrecer lo mejor de ella misma. Después del tratamiento, te informa con total detalle de cada una de las técnicas aplicadas y hace un seguimiento exhaustivo de cada uno de sus pacientes.

Puedo decir que después del tratamiento, me he sentido mucho mejor , informada y acompañada en todo momento durante el proceso. Recomendaría a todo el mundo la oportunidad de sanar mente, cuerpo y alma con Sharon.

María Díaz

From the moment I met Sharon I was made to feel welcome and comfortable.

Her approach to Reiki is possibly the most in-depth & professional I have experienced to date. From the information she gives you to the treatment itself I was left feeling both uplifted and educated.

Her passion and experience simply shines and I would highly recommend her talents to anyone.

Debbi Ball

Ich hatte einige telefonische Sitzungen mit Sharon und kann nur sagen, daß es mir sehr geholfen hat. Ich war in einem depressiven Zustand gefangen und durch die Sitzungen hat sich das Gott sei Dank aufgelöst. Jetzt bin ich wieder in meiner Mitte und kann die Gegenwart genießen. Ich bin so froh, von Sharon erfahren zu haben und empfehle Sie hiermit aufs Wärmste weiter. Wünsche Euch und Sharon nur das Beste!

Liebe Grüße Sabine aus Tirol