Find your balance !

Our Chakras work like pumps and regulate the flow of energy through our energy system.

All your senses, all your perceptions, all your possible states of consciousness, anything you can experience, can be divided into seven categories. Each category can be associated to a specific chakra. Thus, the chakras not only represent specific parts of your physical body, but also specific areas of your consciousness.

With this therapy we balance and harmonize the 7 main chakras, so that energy can once again flow through our body, to recover our balance, health & well-being.

What does the session consist of?

∼ I connect with your soul

∼ evaluation of the state of your chakras. Check at what level they are working

∼ balancing chakras according to previous test

∼ enhancement of chakras and energy field with high vibrations

Estimated time: +/- 2h (+ Phonecall and/or VoiceAudio)

Price: 132€

Instructions: During the session you should be by yourself and as relaxed as possible. You can listen to relaxing music during the session to be able to enter a state of deep relaxation. It is not advisable to use any electronic devise (such as mobile, laptop, TV,…) during the session. This is about enjoying this time and listening to your body & soul.

Note: This therapy is not a substitute for any conventional medical treatment.