¡Detach yourself from everything that prevents you from moving forward!

InTouch Energetic Cleansing & Liberation is a unique therapy with which a deep cleaning, at all levels, is achieved.

With this therapy we can detect y clean any contamination we have in our energy field, such as energetic parasites, dense energies, negativity, magic, unconscious pacts & energetic cords, geopathologies, among others. We will clean the impurities collected on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

More benefits: unlocking of any blockages at any level, promotes our personal growth and increases feelings of high vibration such as love, peace, happiness, etc., increases our energy flow and the will to live, clears our mind and lets us see things clearly and with a different understanding. Feelings such as stress, anxiety, phobias and any other low vibration feelings can be eliminated.

What does the session consist of?

∼ I connect with your soul

∼ evaluation of the energy status, testing and cleaning of everything seen in the testing

∼ enhancement of the energy field with high vibrations

∼ protection for dense energies

Estimated time: 2h – 2h30min

Price: 120€

Instructions: During the session you should be by yourself and as relaxed as possible. You can listen to relaxing music during the session to be able to enter a state of deep relaxation. It is not advisable to use any electronic devise (such as mobile, laptop, TV,…) during the session. This is about enjoying this time and listening to your body & soul.

Note: This therapy is not a substitute for any conventional medical treatment.