…a healing session filled with light & love for our little ones.

Our daughters and sons are true gifts from heaven and each one is born with very specific talents, gifts and goals .

With the important energetic and vibrational changes we are experiencing in recent years on planet Earth, it is often not easy for kids to find their place and feel comfortable. A large percentage of children born today are also known as crystal, rainbow, diamond, or sun children. That means that a part from  ALL THEY ALREADY ARE (true divine and unique gifts), they come with “something additional” in their backpack. They are the New Age Children and need our support, understanding and love more than ever.

For many of these children it often is difficult to integrate, because they are simply “different” and being different, unfortunately, is not always seen as a good thing and may times we see our children suffer because of that.

What does the session consist of?

∼ I connect with the little one´s soul, I listen and we talk from soul to soul

∼ evaluation of the energetic field, balancing of the energy system according to the previous test with different pendulums and colours

∼ testing and – if present – cleaning of dense energies in the energetic system

∼ testing and liberating of trapped emotions and/or heart wall

∼ Reiki Healing Energy (approx 10 – 15 minutes)

∼ enhancement of the energy field with high vibrations suitable for the little one, to promote the personal growth and for

protection against any energy that does not come from the light and therefore would not be good for the child

Estimated time: 1h30 – 2h

Price: 100€

Instructions: The child should be as relaxed as possible during the session (may even be sleeping).

Note: This Therapy is not a substitute for any conventional medical treatment, but can support the process and help the child (and parents) to find their inner light and to a better understanding of themselves, from a holistic aspect (body, mind, soul).