…dissolve the wall that holds your heart as a prisoner!

With the InTouch Heart Wall Release Therapy, not only will we dissolve the wall that holds your heart as a prisoner, but also will we be able to pinpoint out what emotion we have to liberate, with what approximate age it got trapped, if the emotion is yours or someone else’s or even if it is an inherited emotion.

Many of us have an energy wall formed by emotions that have been trapped throughout our life. Depending on the experiences of each individual and on how they face life, some people have a thicker heart wall than others.

The heart wall is created in difficult situations to prevent us from suffering too much. In other words, it is perfect to protect our hearts, but is not a permanent solution. Once the “difficult situation” has passed, we have to free ourselves from those emotions, otherwise they can block our ability to give and receive love. It “blinds” us and in a long term can create:

Isolation, depression, frustration, anger, addiction, etc…

Other very common side effects are neck-, back- and chest-pain, decreased immune system, etc…

Dissolve your heart wall will make you feel more confident, happy and will help you create the life you have always desired.

What does the session consist of?

∼ the session can be carried out via video call (you will actively participate and can ask questions about the emotions to be released) or without active participation (which means, I release your trapped emotions for you)

∼ I connect with your soul and your higher self

∼ with help of my pendulum I consult the thickness of your heart wall and the trapped emotions to release (one by one). The emotions will be released with help of a magnet

∼ once the session ended, I will send you via WhatsApp/Email a summary of all the emotions we released during the session

Estimated time: 2h – 2h30min

Price: 120€ (depending on the amount of trapped emotions to be released, the session may vary in duration, therefore the final price will be adjusted to real time. Minimum prize 60€ / Maximum prize 120€)

Instructions: I will indicate them according to what is needed, If you opt for the option of carrying out the therapy via video call (recommended option!), you will need to have a magnet available. (Sometimes it is necessary to perform the therapy in several sessions).

Note: This therapy is not a substitute for any conventional medical treatment.