…reconnect with your true self and heal the roots of your deepest wounds and pain.

Why do we get sick? … Because WE DO NOT REMEMBER WHO WE really ARE.

We have completely forgotten our inner light, who we really are. We live in a world where it seems that appearance is everything… but little by little, we are realizing that this is NOT the case and we start searching for “something else”.

Any “illness or diseases” can be cured, always from love and understanding. Being aware of why you are not feeling well is the first step!

With InTouch Messages from your soul I not only connect with your soul and can answer questions you wish to know, but I will also help you to:

Understand who you are, where you come from, what challenges you have to work and develop throughout your life, why certain situations / places attract you, why you think in a specific way, why you feel different, etc;…

I will help you to REMEMBER and UNDERSTAND.

What does the session consist of?

∼ I access your BOOK OF LIFE and connect with your soul, I listen and we talk from soul to soul

∼ if you have any specific question, I will consult them (you would need to send your questions to me before the session / max. 3 questions)

∼ I will consult the following: which soul family do you belong to, what is the origin of your soul & which chakras did you come to work and develop

∼ throughout the session you will receive healing energy that will carry the highest and purest frequencies and vibrations existing

∼ once the session ended, I will call you by phone to share all the information with you. This call will take approx 1 hour

∼ subsequently I will send you via WhatsApp/email audios with all the information, so that you can listen to them as many times as you wish or need (and believe me when I say, it will be may times!)

Estimated time: +/-2h (plus audios)

Price: 120€

Instructions: I recommend being as relaxed as possible, you can even be asleep. Important: Be prepared to see the world with different eyes!

Note: This therapy is not a substitute for any conventional medial treatment. AUDIOS ONLY AVAILABLE IN SPANISH OR GERMAN.