Your greatest wish for your child?

To live a fullfilled and happy life!

To achieve this, we as parents, do everything in our power to make it happen, however it is not always so easy. In fact, being a parent is a big task and from the moment we become aware of being a parent, everything changes. ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!

We will feel LOVE like never before and as the days go by, this love grows and grows and although this seems impossible, since we already loved our little baby since his or her first day. It seems like there is no limit to love, and there actually isn’t!

However, most probably there will be another part in us which will awake or amplify. This part is called FEAR and CONCERNS for what we most love and treasure in our live,  our child.

I personally believe that one of our greatest fears is seeing our child suffer from an illness or health disorder and not knowing how to help.

Every illness or health disorder has an origin, it is necessary


Sometimes our children cannot tell us what is going on within them , but not because they cannot speak, it is  because

THEY SIMPLY DO NOT KNOW, nor do they know how to express themselves.

For example, they DO NOT KNOW why:

  • they feel sad or maybe even depressed
  • they don’t want to play nor laugh any more
  • they feel angry, scared or even anxious
  • they don’t like to eat or talk any more
  • they always feel tired and with a lack of energy
  • or why they simply feel “different” then other kids

…surely some children know WHY they feel that way, but my not know HOW to manage or heal this.

Now, more then ever,

our kids need to be understood and happy.


How can I help you?

My therapies go beyond our physical state. I communicate with what was already there BEFORE the physical body was created, the SOUL .

Our soul not only gives us life, but also has stored all our information about what we truly are , about our gifts and strengths , our areas to work and keep on developing , our goals and challenges in life and also our deepest wounds and pain that can affect us in our daily life.

The Healing Sessions can also be carried out by distance (Distance Healing), with the great advantage of your child being able to receive them in the comfort of your home.

By connecting with the Soul of your little one, we can identify and heal the ORIGIN of his or her discomfort.

I want to be very honest with you …

I do not have a magic wand

with which I achieve a 360º turn in a single day or with a single session! It doesn’t work like that, and that’s fine!

Keep in mind that each being is different and unique, with unique energetic experiences, with different goals to achieve in life, with a unique story .

Every healing process takes time

and will mark its rhythm, only in this way true and a complete healing can be achieved. From the inside.

You have to allow to digest, assimilate and transform.

Your child’s Soul will be the one

to show and guide me in each Healing to what is best for your son or daughter in this very precise moment of his or her life.

Depending on your child and his or her current situation, I will recommend the right Therapy and will of course explain to you what exactly to expect of the selected Energy Therapy.

Often I start with an Energetic Cleansing & Liberation. Please CLICK HERE to find out more.

There also exists the possibility, often requested by parents, to keep accompanying your child and your self on his or her way towards Healing , once the specific therapies your child needed have been carried out. 

The monthly InTouch Find your Inner Light sessions are sessions full of Love & Light, each one different and adapted to the specific needs of your child and available for as long as you feel this is necessary.

If you wish to know more about the monthly sessions, please CLICK HERE .

The InTouch Healing Therapies can not only help your child, but can also help YOU, to understand better.

I will help you understand your child on a SOUL level and within UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Important: All my Healing Sessions are carried out mainly by distance , therefore it is of great importance to let me know BEFORE the session if your child is situated in a Clinic, Hospital or similar, since the procedure of the session will be different. I also wish to inform that this therapy is not a substitute for any conventional medical treatment.