It is not “just an animal”…
it is a HEART, that beats… a SOUL, that feels… and a LIFE that wants to live.

Those of us who have animals in the family, will sometimes find ourselves in difficult times, due to health or behavioural problems of our beloved pets.

Regardless of all the education we give them, all the tricks we try, the hundreds of books we read about behaviours or health problems, all the tutorials we watch… there are times when NOTHING helps.

I am not only talking about unexplained behaviours, but also about health disorders that, although they have been treated correctly with various medicines, do not disappear.

In these situations, not only the animals suffer, but also we, the owners … because at the end of the day, our animals are not just animals for us … they are part of our family. A very important part!

On many occasions, this health or behavioural problems are due to “energy contamination ” which our animal-friends carry around with them and as a result, they behave in a certain way or, with the passage of time, show certain health disorders.

Your best friend might even have TRAPPED EMOTIONS in his or her body.

These emotions could have gotten trapped after:

  • a traumatic accident
  • loss of a loved one (an animal-friend or even a person)
  • an early separation from the mother
  • mistreatment received by others (people or animals)
  • … basically any event can cause trapped emotions … (it doesn’t always have to be a very traumatic one!)

What animals can receive my Healings?

Any animal or pet can! However my main focus is on horses, dogs y cats.

How does it work?

The healing sessions are carried out by distance, meaning that you and your pet do not have to move anywhere. This, in my opinion, is very favourable for the animal, since you do not have to move your friend from its usual environment, meaning that he or she does not have to suffer any additional stress.

In order to connect energetically with your friend, I only need to receive a photo , name and birthdate .

The day of the session I will connect with your friend telepathically to communicate with him or her.
I will also:

evaluate your pets energy system and perform a complete energy cleaning
balance the 7 main Chakras (energy centers)
test and liberate – if present – all trapped emotions and / or heart wall
enhance the energy field with high vibrations, as needed


Please keep in mind that each animal (just like people) has its own personality, ideas and life goal that must be respected and although we (the owners) want to change “something” or help them with something, this is not always possible, or at least not in the way we think.

Apart from the energy work, of course it is essential that your pet receives a good education and teaching, that he or she know the limits and that there exists trust between the owner and the animal.

Duration: +/- 1h 30 min (+ Phonecall and/or VoiceAudio)

Price: € 110

This would be the first session to be carried out. In case your pet needs more sessions, we can of course prepare a personalized plan for more sessions or even “mini-sessions”.

NOTE: during the session it is recommended that your pet is in its usual place. If possible, it would be good if you could observe your friend during the session. I also recommend NOT to give any food during the session (horses of course can continue to eat their hay or straw). At the end of the session it is very likely that your friend is thirsty, so please offer him or her water or leave it nearby so that he or she can drink it when ready.

This therapy is not a substitute for any veterinary treatment.