voice audios, charged with healing energies

InTouch Voice Therapies are audios, recorded with my voice and charged with healing energy which you will receive through the vibrations of my voice.

Theses “mini-therapies” are completely independent and will help you overcome the different obstacles that you may find in your life. Helping you to heal them yourself.

You will actively participate in this Therapy, since all my audios will lead you to visualize yourself and the specific situation. I will guide you until its resolution.

You will also have the possibility to repeat certain words and phrases during the visualization. (you can speak them our loud or in your mind, this will be your choice)

I would like to add that all the Audios have a soft and smoothing music playing in the background.

What does the session consist of?

∼ you only have to request the chosen Audio and I will send it to you via Whatsapp or Email, so you can listen to it whenever and as many times as you wish. Depending on the depth of the wound you wish to heal, and the ease (you have at this very moment) to release it, will be the key of how many times it may be necessary to listen to the Voice Therapy.

To view the currently available InTouch Voice Therapies, click HERE

If none of the currently available Voice Therapies suits your needs, please contact me to let me know how I can help.

Price: 15€ (Duration of Audios: in between 20 and 40 min., depending on the chosen Audio)

Instructions: I recommend listening to the audios while sitting or lying down, in a relaxing environment. I also recommend the use of HEADPHONES, since the vibrations come through more powerful. Do not listen to the audios while driving a vehicle.

Note: This therapy is not a substitute for any conventional medical treatment.