Healing of Situations: “Thank you for the apprenticeship…”

Has it ever happened to you that, day after day, you keep thinking about that uncomfortable situation you went through… that bad conversation or discussion you had with your partner, your family, your friend or perhaps your boss… the project that you were so excited about, but did not go as expected or simply that critical moment, the one that if you could, you would have made disappear from your life to finally forget about it, freeing yourself from the feelings that come back every time you think about that day? 

Everything in this life is about learning and moving forward. Being able to appreciate these apprenticeships and let them go can be a great relief and liberation. Sometimes we are the prisoner of our own mind. The time has come to seek freedom! 

In this visualization, we will take out exactly that part of you. You will be thanking YOUR LEARNING EXPERIENCE and will, with all your heart, let go of that experience, filling your body – with its departure – with energy and lightness.

Duration of audio: approximate 20min. (I recommend listening to the audio with headphones)

Healing of Organs: “Thank you for your teachings…”

Did you know that on many occasions, our unprocessed emotions and feelings are hiding in our organs? If we do not understand and release them, they can affect not only the organ in its physical form, but also our general health. 

When our physical body becomes ill, we must pay attention to what it is telling us.  

In this powerful visualization, with shamanic origins, we will connect with the organ you wish to heal, communicate with it and understand the pain behind it´s sickness in order to start the healing path.

Duration of audio: approximate 20min. (I recommend listening to the audio with headphones)

Healing of Grief: “Thank you for always being here…”

Saying goodbye to our loved ones is a very painful process , in which we often feel very lost.

Although sometimes we have the opportunity to say goodbye to our loved one, in reality, it is NEVER the right time and we are always left with emptiness in our hearts and unspoken words. 

In this visualization I will take you to a very special place , to reconnect with your loved one where you can communicate with her/him, tell her/him what you wished to say but could not and say goodbye, but at the same time feel that your loved one continues to be with you, forever. Our souls are eternal.

Duration of audio: approximate 25min. (I recommend listening to the audio with headphones)

Healing of fears of the future ahead of you: “Thank you for believing in my powers…”

Do you think about your future and do you feel fears and uncertainties about your health, your job and money?  

With the arrival of COVID-19, even more people feel fearful. Fears, which over time control our minds and prevent us from projecting what we really want.  

We are all energy and we attract into our life vibrations that vibrate at the same frequency as us. So if we constantly live in fear, we will automatically deal with more fearful situations with low vibrations. It is essential to raise our vibrations, change our way of thinking and project what we want to achieve. Live in abundance (in all respects). 

In this visualization, I will help you to believe in your inner power, to convert all that energy that you invest to feed fear, into what you want to achieve . Be it health, work, money, etc.

Since you invest your energy in something, wouldn’t it be better to invest it in something that brings you happiness?

Important Note: This visualization is very special and requires the investment of your time and thoughts. It is very important to know, before listening to this voice therapy, what it is you really want to achieve and to have in your life, since this will help you not only to transform your pain, fears and uncertainties, but also will help you to manifest what you really want. To be able to make the most out of this Voice Therapy it is of great importance to know what it is you really want.

I really wish for you to take advantage of this visualization to the fullest, so you can start creating and living the life of your dreams. Let your creativity flow!

Duration of audio: approximate 35min. (I recommend listening to the audio with headphones)