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InTouch Energy Revolution

Pack of 3 main sessions, which include: 

~ Energetic Cleansing & Liberation

~ Chakra Balancing & Harmonization

~ Auric Sealing 

Recommendation: carry out sessions 3 days in a row. One session per day. 

Discount: 20%

Prize: 288€

You save: 72€

InTouch Soul Request 

Pack of 2 main sessions, which include:

~ Messages from your Soul Reconnect with your Roots

~ Energetic Cleansing & Liberation or Chakra Balancing & Harmonization or Auric Sealing

(according to what your soul chooses for you) 

Recommendation: carry out sessions 2 days in a row. One session per day. 

Discount: 20%

Prize: 192€

You save: 48€

InTouch Energy Recovery after COVID-19

Pack of 4 sessions, which include:

~ Energetic Cleansing & Liberation

~ 1 x personalized mini session of approximately 40 min

~ 2 x personalized mini sessions of approximately 30 min 

Note: if more than 3 mini sessions are needed, they can be added for a special price of 15€ per session.

Recommendation: carry out sessions 4 days in a row. One session per day. 

Discount: 15%

Prize: 187€

You save: 33€

InTouch SHANAYAKI Healing

Pack of 5 main sessions, which include:

~ 5 sessions of 25min – 30min / session

The Shanayaki Healings can accompany you in difficult times, to give you that extra help you may need.

Recommendation: carry out sessions 5 days in a row. One session per day.

Discount: 20%

Prize: 120€

You save: 30€

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