My name is Sharon Amba. I was born in 1985 in a small village in Tirol (Austria).

Since I was little, I felt attracted to stories and movies related to the spiritual and supernatural world. I also remember observing the night sky during hours and hours, knowing that “something else” was out there.

Sheena, my passion, my companion

I was always connected and surrounded by nature and animals and my passion was (and still are) horses. My mum showed me the “horse-world” and thanks to her I dedicated many years to it. In 1993 “Sheena” was born (our self-bred mare). During 23 years I was lucky to have her on my side. To me she was much more than a “mare”, she was my friend, my companion, and my rock. In 1999 we participated in our first competition and kept going. We won many trophies in different competitions and championships… but the best and most beautiful about all was us being an inseparable team. Always together through thick and thin.

The love of my life, my family

I always really knew what I wanted to do in my life: once I had finished school in Austria, I would go to Germany to study professional horse riding and trainer and finish living in Málaga, Spain (where I am still today). Thanks to my parents I was able to make my dream come true, so with 15 years (almost 16), Sheena and I went to Munich (Germany). After finishing my studies, at the age of 18, we said goodbye to Germany and left for Spain. Without speaking any Spanish, and very little English, our new life journey began, doing what I liked most at the time: working with horses. I always wanted to continue riding, but after a riding accident, I had to “take a break” for a few months. To earn money, I started working in a hotel, where I met Miguel, my beloved husband. After working a few weeks at the hotel, it was clear to me that this was not going to be my path when a new opportunity presented itself; a job in a company that sold luxury hair products. This English company had only started their business in Spain and hoped to be very successful. Although that was not what I wanted to be doing in life (by the way, at that moment in time I was not consciously thinking about spirituality, but today I know that the path I took was a part of my apprenticeship and this is the reason why I can dedicate myself today to energy work).

I started in 2006 as an administrative and was one of the 5 employees who worked at the office. In the end, I spent nearly 13 years there.

Much has happened in those 13 years, which literally flew by!! On a professional and on a personal level.

Miguel and I got married in 2007, in 2010 our first son Carlos was born and in 2015 our second son Sebastián. Unique experiences and moments, to which I am grateful every single day.

My career and my personal growth

On a professional level, apart from learning a lot over the last years, I have also met incredible people, and very special friendships with many of them were made. I will always be grateful for that. From the second year (in the company) onward, I dedicated myself to the Human Resources department. It was truly an incredible experience seeing a company grow, which is nowadays known worldwide. Thanks to everything I have learned and experienced in that company (and thanks to my very special friend Alicia – who insisted on that matter!) I also acquired the title of advanced technician in administration and finance.

Still, I knew that this wasn’t what I am supposed to do in life. My heart knew that I couldn’t continue in the company, but my mind told me otherwise. The result of that “personal disagreement” was: I started to suffer from anxiety and panic attacks, several times ending in hospital. My health in general deteriorated and I noticed how I slowly slipped into a depressive state.

In 2015, just a few weeks before I was going back to work, after my second maternity leave, Sheena passed away due to an accident. I was devastated. Accepting her death was very hard for me and took an emotional toll.

(A quick rewind back to the year 2009…) In 2009 I attended my first Reiki training (Usui Reiki Ryoho) and I remember the day I finished the first level, was filled with this amazing energy! I tried to describe this feeling to my husband, but couldn’t! It was something so pure, so powerful… No words could even come close to describe what I felt. Since then I applied Reiki to myself and my family. I kept practicing Reiki and learned more about this powerful energy. I also completed the next Reiki levels to continue progressing, but among the kids, work, and all those other things we women carry in our minds, on a personal level I felt like not making much progress.

Until in 2017, I completed my Reiki Master and that’s when I noticed something “different” inside me (something that reminded me of my childhood, when I felt drawn like a magnet to the spiritual, supernatural, and inexplicable), but I didn’t have a clue what it was and most of all, what I had to do to continue my spiritual path and my personal growth, which I needed so badly. Just like in a puzzle…pieces joined, but still many were missing.

I got more and more interested (consciously) in the energy that surrounds us, in healing, in mediumship, in alternative therapies and in this whole “new world” still unknown to me.

The following years I kept on learning… I obtained a masters degree in holistic psychology and in coaching, I became a meditation&relaxation and stress control instructor, I began to resume my work with my pendulum, attended different workshops, retreats in Buddhist temples and read many books…

Finally, my biggest inner shift took place when I met Ana and Martín. A very special couple. Ana and Martin dedicates themselves to shamanism and after participating in their retreat program, I began to see life differently. Feeling the unconditional love and support of Ana and Martín (and also of the other colleagues, “the tribe”) was breathtaking. Since then I have lived unique and magical moments which have transformed me from the inside. It is an incredible ongoing experience.

Foto by Laura Huerta. @fotografiaypresencia

this photo was taken after a shamanic journey carried out in nature… connection with the spirit of mother earth ( Pachamama).

I wanted to dedicate my self to help others through energetic healing

Approximately 2 months later, I decided to “break out of my comfort zone” and leave behind a job that had kept me going for almost 13 years, to finally live what I felt inside me, in my heart. For me, it was a very difficult step to take, because for the first time in many years I took a decision based on what my heartfelt, not my mind.

I have been very lucky to have people by my side that understood my decision, since leaving a “safe job”, well paid and with a timetable that adjusted to my personal needs – to be able to pick up my kids from school at 4:00 pm and to enjoy the rest of the afternoon with them – is something many wish to have, but what if your heart is somewhere else? And when going to bed at night you feel that emptiness in your heart? That emptiness of something missing in your life…

Well, it least I knew I wanted to dedicate myself to energetic healing methods. To help people (and animals) advance in their life, to regain happiness and health. That´s what I wanted to accomplish, however, I still didn’t know how to.

In the last decade I had learned many techniques and therapies, but I was still missing “something” to launch myself into a new life. Suddenly one day I felt the urge to work again with my quartz pendulum (which had been hidden in my drawer for quiet some time) and to continue advancing with it. I looked for courses and training about dowsing, spiritual response therapy, etc.,… and there I saw it!

The Hebrew pendulum!

I have never heard of this pendulum before, but I couldn’t ignore it. Other than my name having Hebrew origins, I noticed a very deep connection from that moment on.

That very same day I started with my training to become a Hebrew Pendulum Therapist taught by Cristina Vicente Alonso (Escuela Internacional del Péndulo Hebreo) which has completely revolutionized my world! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Cristina!

My learning journey did of course not stop there… this was only the
“beginning of something new”.

Today I only have words of gratitude, towards the path I have been able to travel so far and all that remains to be travel. To keep on learning and advancing. I am infinitely grateful for all the support received from my family (especially to Miguel, Carlos, Sebastián, and my mum), my friends, a special thank you to Karlie and Daniel for their infinite patience with me and all their help with the creation of my logo, to Covadonga, for the creation of my new Website which is bringing me so much joy and to Jorge for helping me with all the IT related issues. All the spiritual masters who have shared their path with mine and for all their knowledge received. Thanks to Sheena, who has defined my way. THANKS to my spiritual guides, angels, divine beings, and power animals for accompanying me and for helping me every single day. Thanks to all of them and to everything I have learned, I have now gathered enough strength to make my dream come true.


Sharon Amba

Energy & Soul Healer

  • Empath Intuitiv Healer
  • Therapeutic Hebrew Pendulum Master
  • Reiki Master (Nº6797, Spanish Reiki Federation)
  • Akasha Record & Angel Healer
  • Stress Managment- & Meditation and Relaxation Instructor
  • Master in Holistic Health Psychology & Coaching